Friday, 3 January 2014

Surviving winter with heat intolerance.

But surely winter is fine when you are heat intolerance - winter is cold, right?


And then again, no.

Outside is cold, but inside people put the heating on!

And when outside is too cold for T-shirts, how do I wrap up enough to be avoid hypothermia, but not enough to collapse?

Some things I have learnt:

Always take the cooling vest when visiting people/restaurants and the like. That way the cosy atmosphere won't floor me.

My torso is the most important thing to keep cool. Never wear a gilet.

Arm Warmers are the best invention ever. At home I wear them instead of a jumper [sweater]. When outside I wear them with a light jacket or cape - so they make the sleeves into a winter coat, but don't overheat my body :D (we are, of course, talking about English winter here. I am not suggesting you venture out in to artcic winter with only a light jacket!!)

And I got 2 new pairs in the post today. Mmmmmm, lovely.

There aren't many in the shops at the moment, they aren't fashionable - especially as I like long ones which go above the elbow (leg warmers work too, but they aren't widely available here either), but fear not, there's at least one good shop on - and although I had to be patient as they came from Poland, it was worth it.

So I sit here in my cool office: in jeans and T-shirt, light scarf and arm warmers.

Life is good.

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