Thursday, 9 January 2014


Success is a funny old thing.

You make plans, and then something happens and you can't follow them, so your brain tells you you failed.

Yesterday was one of those days. Body strop meant I didn't even get my basic physio done and most of the day was spent half awake.

However, take a step back and think:

I put toothpaste on my toothbrush and soap on my hands.

I put the teabag in my mug and the laundry soap in the washing machine.

I put dinner in my mouth - which I successfully chewed and swallowed.

I used heat, relaxation and distraction to help manage my pain.

I read some things on face book and wrote a few relatively coherent comments.

I successfully spent periods of time hibernating from the world.

I changed channels on the TV, and I watched a DVD too - successfully operating all the necessary technical kit.

And best of all, I got through it in a way that means to day is a better day.

There was a lot I couldn't do, but that doesn't take away these truths. I didn't do a single thing from my ToDo list, but I sure was successful all the same!


  1. That is a successful day :) Go you :D I put soap on my hands yesterday and forgot to wash it off lol, I also ended up giving myself a bath by missing my mouth when trying to drink a glass of water :P

  2. I've been having days like that - I had a Crohn's flare Christmas - no turkey for me, but I had mashed potato and the OH froze some turkey so I could have it the following week. Half a series of Farscape is NOT a waste of time when it's all I can do - even if I should be reading about the Second World War for my OU module - if I look after myself I'll be able to do that next week. Today I went to the Archives - but tomorrow I plan to stay in bed. Balance. That's the thing. Look after yourself and you'll have a great year. xx

  3. Hmm ... personally, I tend to successfully get coffee in the mug. It's just a shame about the coffee being everywhere else as well!

    1. Lol - the important bit is that enough gets into the mug, the rest is minor side-effects :D


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