Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Taxi redemption!

I wrote the yesterdays taxi related post before my final taxi journey of the day. And guess what?

As I left one venue for the next, a taxi dropping some people off just in front of me happily picked me up having seen me in his rear view mirror. And then.....

Guess what this London Cabbie did?

He donated my taxi fare to the HMSA.

So, Mr Taxi Driver who picked up a cartoonist in a white sporty looking wheelchair from the President Hotel and took her to just near Euston Station, thank you. You will never know how much your actions meant.

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  1. “You will never know how much your actions meant.” – I agree. It’s not every day you can meet a taxi driver like him who’s nice enough to help without expecting anything in return. He’s such an inspiration. I hope more people will do the same.

    Sabra @ YellowTaxiStPetersburg.com


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