Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Unexpectedly Perfect Storage

Over the past 6 months my product range has expanded hugely - new books, new stickers, new communication cards. As a result my office became somewhat....untidy.

It took me several weeks of research to find the right storage unit, plus several excel spreadsheets of price comparisons and space calculations. But I found the best one. The right size unit, with whatever tray sizes I needed and the colours I wanted. Customer service was excellent with quick responses to my queries.

I'd chosen 'Mount Industries'.

I was excited about delivery of the solution to my office woes, but when I got the invoice (and therefore the full company details - they are a part of Enham Trust) I realised that actually, my storage was being made and delivered by people like me. People with disabilities.

Perhaps like me they had tried a conventional work setting and found it didn't work for them. Perhaps they hadn't been able to find conventional work. Either way, I found my stickmen, they found Mount Industries. It is hard to say exactly why I love this so much. But I do. Perhaps it is something akin to searching for a product, buying the perfect one - and then discovering that it was made by a good friend.

And now it has arrived, sturdy and well made - exactly as ordered - and been fully stocked with stickmen communicating joyously about disability. Every time I see it I am proud. Proud of the people I have never met, but with whom I feel connected. Proud to be a customer of Mount Industries.

And my heart does an extra little dance of joy because I chose Mount Industries because it was the best value, the best customer service, and a professional approach with flexible choice.

I made no special allowances. I searched for the best, I ordered the best, and I got the best.

And it came from people with disabilities.



  1. That reminds me of the class drawers in primary school - there was one drawer per pupil, plus some larger drawers for resources. This is not a bad thing.

    Also, very cool that it turned out to be a disabled people's employer :)

  2. Sounds awesome, though the website for Enham Trust says "Mount Industries have been giving employment to disbaled people for over thirty years." What are disbaled people? My mind is making an image of a hay bale that has been destroyed, and that is not a good image for people :P

    Seriously though, that looks awesome. I need to sort some storage out so will take a look at them :)


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