Friday, 30 August 2013

A Happy Reminder

I have medical stuff going on, but it is me, with my talents and skills in tow making the choices. I am, as Carla Spear rightly says, NOT my illness, and her 'Bus' analogy is just so apt. It is my choices that define me and shape my life.

And even if I have a patch where I cannot do much at all and find myself crashed on the sofa - I can be glad for all the things I did which resulted in me being there. And of course learn from it to improve my pacing in the future. But a day of doing very little is DEFINITELY worth spending a couple of hours helping babysit my nephews and nieces, or shopping with my little sister.

Oh, there are many "Can't"s in my life, but also many "can"s. And yes, some of my "can't" things are things which for most people are "of course" things. But I there are so many "can" things - from dancing to facebooking, from doodling to product design and sales, but one of my favourite "can" things is managing my conditions. This is something I always can do.

By managing I don't mean "Waltz around doing whatever I want when I want with no consequences". Of course I have consequences. Which can be anything from pain to a full on attack of the Zombies. 'Management' is about accepting where I am now, learning how my body reacts, and making smart choices (and in my case involves physio, pacing, wheels, medications, more physio, more pacing, salt, compression stockings and lots more). Plus I think that a degree of thinking differently - not focussing on the 'can't' and 'but I want' and 'it's not fair' (like not being able to work/go out when I want) but on what I can do - is part of managing a long term health condition. 

Life can be rewarding and fulfilled even when lived with limitations. Can't exists, but I'm too busy with Can to worry about it.

And now the wall of my office happily reminds me of these every day.

As well as reminding me that, quite simply:

I love my job.

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