Monday, 29 July 2013

IPC Athletics and the Anniversary Games

I love athletics. But I think I love IPC athletics more (or Para-athletics).
I got to watch most of the World Championships, thanks to Channel 4 - it is awesome to be able to watch para-sport on TV. 

As usual, there were moments which stuck in my head and ended up as stickmen:
The grin was also there after winning the 100m - when fellow racer Mel Nichols (5th) revealed that Hurricane Hannah's secret weapon was her unwashed socks.
Hannah later insisted they were clean, even posting a photo on twitter..but I'm not convinced.

And there were the most awesome displays of teamwork - the T11 longjump never ceases to impress me.
The joy on athletes faces as they achieved their goals.

While others leave us speechless as they exceed all expectations.

Scott Moorhouse asked if I could do a stickman of him and Richard Whitehead - unfortunately I didn't catch Scott in action - this happened instead:
So, 'Last leg',  Is it OK to ask whether amputees leave their limbs outside their room like shoes? 

Then I saw Richard Whitehead's 200m.

Seriously, man, don't put me through that stress again! I had to hold my breath just in case my breathing slowed you down!

Talking of suspense, Peacock vs Browne: What a contest.

(Well run JP, you make the nation proud.)

And there was Alan Oliveira. And Josie Pearson, David Weir, Scott Jones, Libby Clegg...and so many more.

I confess to knowing very little about athletics really, but you know Terezinha Guilhermina? She runs so smoothly and perfectly. I think watched every race she was in - in both Lyon and London.

And talking of London, having been there in Birmingham a few weeks ago, it was ace seeing those golden blades race to victory. Complete with 'Guns' as he crossed the line - really made me laugh.

His baby daughter's pink ear-muffs were the best.

What wasn't the best was Channel 4's attempt at guided running in the inter-broadcasters relay in Lyon. You guys need some serious training!

 All in all, over this athletic week I have laughed, cried, held my breath, willed athletes on, cheered, and have confirmed beyond all reasonable doubt that: I love para athletics, and I want a proper go in a racing wheelchair.

(Just realised I haven't mentioned the able-bodied Anniversary Games. I enjoyed them too - GO MO!)

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