Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Railway Success!

[Edited to add: I can confirm this has now all been addressed! Whoop for the power of stickmen!]

You may remember the 'too accessible loo' I recently discovered in a railways station concourse. Much to my embarrassment.

My initial letter didn't quite do the trick - they got the point about the window but it seemed that they thought I dislike the RADAR key on principle, and hadn't picked up that I was complaining about it being faulty. So a slightly less subtle email on what it is like to be walked in on/have the door left open as they walk away has resulted in assurance that the lock has now been looked at, is faulty and will be replaced.

And the window will be made more opaque.

Hurrah for station managers who respect my need to pee in private! least, I HOPE so. Not been given a date for the works to be done, but I'll be keeping an eye on it to make sure it is.

Now I  just need to persuade them to change the symbol on the door....

...because lets face it, 'Accessible Toilet' in these circumstances doesn't seem quite applicable!


  1. Yay, glad they took a step forward :)

  2. I use a wheelchair all of the time and a few years ago I was using a disabled loo in a service station. I heard a curious scratching at the door and it was suddenly opened by a gang of old ladies, one of whom had opened the lock with a five pence piece. After a few uncomfortable moments they closed the door and left. I couldn't interrupt what I was doing so I was still sitting there when a bloke and his daughter opened the door (which they had left unlocked). Fortunately he waited a little while and stopped anybody else opening the door. Some people are incredibly stupid and ignorant, and some people are really quite splendid! ;-)


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