Friday, 21 June 2013

Back to reality

This last week has been in some ways a fabulous one:

I've entered a logo design competition for designing a logo for the paralympic Gold Medalist Hannah Cockcroft (please let me win!! PLEASE!!).

I've been contacted by a lift company who will be using my positive alternative disability logo to denote the accessibility of their new wheelchair lifts.

And I've been nominated for 2 awards at the National Diversity Awards, (one for Entrepreneurs of Excellence, and one for being a Role Model - both in the disability category) and got through their preliminary stuff and been asked to provide further evidence about the diversity related work I do!

How awesome is that!

All in one week!

But at the same time I've had a rough few days POTS wise. When I say rough I mean kinda horizontal. Spending large tracts of time semi-concious on my beanbag after every time I had to do something. A seriously floppy patch.

And yes, I am an expert when it comes to flop level assessment.

I'd managed to eke out my last few dioralyte rehydration sachets to last until my 'nuun' tablets arrived today.

Surprisingly the 'nuun's taste good. Consequently I've been drinking a LOT today.

And I feel SO much better.

And slightly sheepish.

My stupendous flop level wasn't due to lack of sleep, or meds reactions, or the weather, or some cosmic power stealing my energy. True, they may have played a part, but basically: dehydration.

And I even noticed on Wednesday that my nails stayed white for ages when pressed and thought 'that means something' but couldn't remember what......


I turns out that neither success nor fun stuff can replace basic POTS management!

So if I moan about unscheduled excessive floppiness remind me to drink :D

And before anyone tells me not to feel bad about it - I don't. Mildly foolish and somewhat amused is more like it. After all, when you live alone and have to manage a condition that saps your ability to think clearly....errors happen. No big deal. I shall try not to repeat the experience but will soon get over the stupid amount of daytime TV I watched, and today's PA's will help clear the debris left behind by a seriously floppy week.

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