Monday, 22 April 2013

Invading Ants

I don't mind them in the garden, but when lying on my beanbag, discovering one on my face.....then another down my top....well, it's not nice.

They may possibly have perished.

I thought they invaded my 'beanbag space' via the open patio door and thought no more about it.

Then yesterday there were MORE! Eight to be precise.

I know. I counted the 'squashed' marks.

Where are they coming from? Searching frantically for their access point I found a tiny gap in the skirting. But I had no ant repelling stuff! How could I stop this encroaching army? Blu-Tack. I squished it mercilessly into the ant doorway, praying it could withstand their onslaught.

So far so good. I can stop panicking until the next ant arrives.

(And no. This is not over-reacting. Three years ago I ignored the odd random ant in my bathroom. Then I walked in to a swarm of hundreds coating every surface. Including my toothbrush. Cue a very rapid exit, some very girly shrieking and a 'Damsel in Distress' call to my brother. Trust me, when you've experienced that once, 'Never Again' is pretty high on your agenda.)


  1. We have them too at the moment! So frustrating!

  2. also coat ant entrance with washing up liquid they cant walk through it.

  3. There's never just one ant. It probably doesn't help but when I worked in a Field Centre in Wales I discovered that they love vinegar, all the little vinegar dispensers were full of them-YUCK. Maybe you need some sort of vinegar trap?


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