Monday, 3 December 2012

International Day for People with Disabilities

It is nice to think that around the world people will be celebrating and embracing differences, perhaps being a little more open-minded than usual.

I would write some deep, insightful blog entry in honour of the day.

I would....

Only my disability got in the way.

So instead of doing some awesome disability awareness stunt, I shall be spending my day: doing physio, having a shower and pacing* like a professional to keep my heart rate under control and my conciousness level high.

Perhaps next years event will involve slightly less sofa and a little more excitement.

Having said that, looking back, sometimes just in the process of managing our own conditions we educate others.

*pacing: the art of balancing what you need to do with body's limitations, attempting to walk the thin line between over-doing and under-doing, trying to build my strength without sapping it. Involves frequent rest breaks in even simple tasks.

(added as an after-thought: Perhaps next year I could do some 'International Day of People with Disabilities' stickman greetings cards. Would people be interested?)

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  1. Take care Hannah! Hope you feel much better soon.

    All the Very Best


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