Excuse me, may I borrow your height?

I often need help when out and about.

Especially in supermarkets. For some reason my favourite products seem attracted to top shelves.

So I ask for help. Every supermarket-shop.

At least I thought that was the case, last night I realised....

I never say "Can you help me."

I ask instead "Excuse me, may I borrow your height?"

I don't ask the person to help me because I am incapable. I ask if I can borrow a single, usually insignificant part of their practical abilities because it is a useful tool that solves a specific, usually insignificant practical limitation, which although an issue for reaching a product right now, won't be an issue once it's in my basket and I'm off to continue my day.

I know they mean the same in a way, but I like my line. It puts me in control. In my head it doesn't have any 'helpless' connotations, just a recognition that on wheels I am short.

And it always gets a smile.