Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A little white lie

When people ask me about my stickmen and the work I do, I never know quite what to say.

I might talk about equality.
About making disability normal.
Creating a better world.
Or about educating through humour,
Breaking down barriers,
Using images to convey complex concepts in a simple and accessible way.

I talk about challenging peoples preconceived ideas, taking away the fear of difference. About helping people be more accepting of others.

I might even mention challenging the negative perception of disability.

And it is kind of true. That is in a way what I do. But it's a bit of a white lie.

Because really,


I draw my life. My reality, my giggles, my challenges, my perspective. And sometimes my way of dealing with seeing someone making the same mistakes as I did and wanting very much to yell at them about not being so stupid. (I might not learn from others mistakes, but they should learn from mine.....surely?)

I couldn't tell you what the latest law says, or update you on the current disability related campaigns - but I can tell you that
a) wheeling fast through puddles is really fun,
b) the fridge door is stronger than my wrists,
c) my sofa is a very dear friend and essential support in times of need.

Anything more than that is, to be perfectly honest, a happy coincidence.

Don't get me wrong, I rather like the happy coincidences which mean my stickmen help get a positive message across, and sometimes wanting to make a positive impact is hovering at the back of my mind as I create, but in all honesty: if you hear me spouting off all the snazzy sounding quasi political stuff....well....take it with a pinch of salt.

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