Friday, 23 November 2012

The perfect imperfect apple

Yesterday at the supermarket I bought some apples.

I looked at them.

Some were bobbly, oddly shaped, blemished.

They were like the apples that grew on the tree in the garden where I grew up.

Not plastic-looking apples but real apples.

It was oddly comforting. Like for a moment I wasn't in a looks obsessed world, but one which appreciated an apple for it's appleness - not for it's plastic appearance.

I found my imperfect apples....absolutely perfect.


  1. Lovely! I think those of us who accept our own 'blemishes' truly appreciate the variations in life.


  2. That is because supermarkets have started to sell the less perfect fruit rather than select the absolutely picture-perfect unblemished ones. That has been common for years on the Continent but not here. It is supposedly to keep prices down (and cheaper fresh fruit and veg is of course no bad thing) but I don't know what they did with all the other apples for all those years - my guess is that they were used as food ingredients, or to make juice, or feed animals, and so all the products that the other apples used to go to make will now get more expensive.

    1. Yes Matt - I think it may also be due to how good the apple crop has been - how many are available. But I still liked it :)

  3. Appreciated an apple for it's appleness, I really like that line. It's the way it should be really, and not just for apples.


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