Monday, 19 November 2012


As of today, I am running a 'Photo and Feedback' Competition

A bit of fun: finding photos featuring my stickmen and learning what people like about them. Winning photos and captions will be turned into a video picture cavalcade to be used on my website and youtube.

The Prize!!

Winners will have their photo(s) along with their captions put onto a 'Stickman Communications' video picture cavalcade, and receive a FREE STICKER (positive wheelchair logo, in colour of your choice, from Hannah's 'Positive Wheelchair Logo' sticker range)

The rules:

Open to UK residents only.

Somewhere in the photo there must be at least one of Hannah Ensor's stickman products.

You must have permission from anyone recognisable in the photo to submit the image. The photo does not have to include any people.

By submitting a photo you give permission for it to be used online and in print by Stickman Communications for publicity/advertising purposes.

Photos must be accompanied by a short comment on the product/my work - which will be printed (in whole or in part) with the entrant's name, alongside the photo.

All photo's must be suitable for viewing by young children.

With the photo and comment, you must also send:

  • Your postal address (in case you win!)
  • Email address
  • Name
  • The name you wish to be identified by, should your photo be published on my website/youtube.

Maximum of 4 entries per person.

Photos will be judged by me - Hannah Ensor. My decision is final. I will be looking for a wide variety of pictures - so feel free to be creative.

Submit your entries by email HERE. Please write "Photo Competition" in the subject line so I know it isn't spam.

The deadline for submissions is 12:00 midday Friday 14th December

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  1. As I am awaiting delivery of new sheets of glossy paper 'happy disability symbol' stickers, winners will be able to opt for one of them instead if they wish ;)


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