Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A Paralympics to be proud of

I loved the paralympics. (I saw almost none of the last few days due to other commitments, and couldn't do stickmen on a few other days, so forgive the lack of 'Weirwolf' cartoons, and all the other memorable moments not depicted)

I loved the talent, athleticism, speed and brilliance.

The suspense, the 'edge-of-the-seat' terror, the willing them on, the yelling at the TV screen.

 The unabashed joy, the all-consuming pride at medals won,

The incoherent enthusiasm about incredible performances

Days full of awe, joy, heartache, skill and pride topped off by Adam Hill's 'Last Leg' - a realistic,  down-to-earth, honest and highly amusing show where talking about disability was no longer taboo.

How can we not be changed? I am. More open to ability, enthusiastic about sport, hooked on wheelchair basketball and rugby, and considering trying a 10k 'run' (wheel).

Perhaps some people will now expect too much of me, but that doesn't matter - I can communicate and explain if I need to.

I have already noticed a change in the looks I get - still stares, but interested not pitying. Not looking down, but looking across.


  1. Oh I loved every minute of it, so many outstanding performances, although I have to admit to watching the Long Jump from behind my hands!!

    The Last Leg was utterly superb and so sweet to watch the growing bond between Adam and Alex over leg envy. #isitok to ask how many events you will be entering at Rio? ;-)

    Arwedd xx

  2. Oh man your blog is awesome! I have my own blog for HMS and I can't believe I've only just found yours! Excellent, love the drawings, they're great. Made me smile when I've had a crappy day! Cheers. I will be following your blog now! :D xx


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