Wednesday, 15 August 2012

He got it right.

Today I was in town. There is a pedestrianised section of shops. Smoothish brick paved (good), but on a fairly steep slope (not so good).

I am hugely proud of myself and the hard work I have put into my fitness level, strength and joint control - meaning I am now able to wheel myself at speed up the full length of the slope and visit all/any shops I choose.

Today I was wheeling up the slope and I overtook an 8yr old boy with his Dad.

Boy: "I didn't know wheelchairs could go up here."
Dad: "It's a flat surface which is good for wheelchairs."
Boy: "But it isn't flat."
Dad: "It's quite smooth. But yes, you'd have to be fit to get up here."

He got it right.

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