Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Doc Martens Dilemma

Event: Booksigning at Waterstones, The Oracle, Reading.
Time: 11:00am Saturday 14th July
Outfit: Black trousers, floaty black/green/pink top, and DM boots.

The Top 

(Clearly, on Saturday the hair will actually be styled rather than dragged through a hedge backwards)

But Which Boots? 

The Green


The Pink

I need to look like a professional author/illustrator, capable, creative, fun - and obviously someone who's children's picture books and disability cartoon/educational humour books are well worth buying. 

So do I go for green or pink?


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  2. Really lovely outfit! Your boots are great, I think the green have the edge so I'd go with them, unless you want to send them to me *ahem*
    Have a great book signing x

  3. Oi! Hands of my boots Emma!! :D

  4. I think pink. But only because those neon patent DMs are my favouritest things in the world ever. To the point that my best mate, who is being my bridemaid in 9 weeks, is wearing hers at the wedding.

    Or you could do what you're doing in the photo and go for one of each...

  5. I thought green before I saw the photo of them on... the pink are amazing!!

  6. You look gorgeous in that outfit. I'm thinking if you want more professional the green, but if you want more fun, the pink... hmm... I just don't know, I love them both......... only one way to find out ........FIGHT!!

    No seriously, I'm not much help am I?

    Arwedd xx

  7. Pink! Pink boots bring out the pink flowers on the shirt.

  8. You know what I would do?? I'd wear them just the way you have them on in the photo!! But, that's just me. One of each!!


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