Monday, 16 July 2012

Book Signing Highlights

Now I've recovered a little from my debut Waterstones book signing on Saturday at The Oracle, Reading, I'll tell you my favourite moments:

1. A 10 year old girl approached me shyly, asking if I worked in Waterstones. We got chatting and it turned out she was an author too - she'd had poetry book published. We talked about writing as a career and about how to get book signings. She was a real pleasure to talk to and I look forward to watching her career. I really hope she gets a signing - I want a signed copy.

2. Not only was 'You know you've been pushing it when...' popular with teenagers for no other reason that that they found it funny - which means they'll also accidentally be well educated when it comes to wheelchair reality - but two of them, once they'd persuaded their parents to buy it, asked "Are there any more in this series?"

But my best moment of all:
3. I introduced a young family to my books, but with the 2 small boys given free reign to choose one book each from the many available, I left them to it. Later, the Dad came over and chatted to me while his wife and 2 young boys were in the checkout queue. We were interrupted by a shrieking ball of excitement that came pelting across the store waving a book above his head in glee. "I got it!! It's mine Daddy! It's mine!!" 

The book was Biscuit Baking.


  1. You haven't told us the most important bit...which boots did you wear? :o)

  2. Only just realised I didn't answer this!! I wore......GREEN!!


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