Monday, 18 June 2012

What's in a name?

I will shortly be updating the communication cards section of my website to make it easier to use, better descriptions and better photos. - Not least because I now have a full set of stock in high quality laminate, all exactly the same size and impressively durable, thanks to finding a new supplier :D

I will also be putting together a few packs on specific themes -of course more cards can be added to them, but it might be easier to buy, for example, a Wheelchair Etiquette set, or a basic EDS set and then add any others you like.

Up 'til now I have called them communication cards. Because they are cards, and they communicate.

But now they have been on sale for a while - including at various events over the past few weeks I am wondering whether to call them Keyring Cards instead.


Because the established 'communication cards' are ones with purely functional pictures, usually aimed at those with long term conditions which make cards one of their only options. They seem to connect in many peoples heads with learning disabilities and total speech loss.

Some people saw the name and went to walk past - then when I encouraged a closer look, they ended up falling in love and buying some.

Yes, some are applicable to those with speech problems, but really these cards aren't about having no other option but to use a communication cards for all types of situations (the keyring would get too heavy!!), but a fun, novel, lively and entertaining solution for when:

  • talking isn't easy - whatever the reason (ASD, fatigue, sore throat, depression, grief, pain, etc.) or 
  • it's a tough concept to get across without offending, or
  • the answer to a question is 'negative' (e.g. How are you? - answer: hideous pain/hormonal/exhausted/want to be alone) but want to say it in an up-beat way.
  • you are fed up of explaining 'what's wrong with you?' and showing a card or two with a cartoon and mini blurb is so much more fun than never-ending lecture giving.
  • you want to educate someone as to the basics of wheelchair etiquette without telling them they are a ****.
And some of them are applicable to people regardless of disability/medical condition - like 'Rampaging hormones' or 'Go Away' :D

My new printer called them 'Keyring Cards' and I thought it sounded interesting. Crip themed cartoon keyring cards. It made me want to go and look at them.

And I realised that 'Communication Cards' were less of interest. Purely by name. They sounded official. And I don't like official. I like off beat. I like fun.

And I suspect that people who like my cartoons also like slightly off beat.

I would be really interested in hearing what others think about this!

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  1. I think I'd be more likely to buy "keyring" or "key cards" than "communication cards". Because generally I can communicate. It's just sometimes I (a) don't want to or (b) need someone else to do it for me. And your cartoons/explanations rock!

    (PS Your family seems really cool - from your book for your mum - do you have zillions of siblings?)


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