Saturday, 9 June 2012

Thank you, Karni Liddell (paralympian)

A few days ago I read 'Paralympic Athlete Karni Liddell's Journey' in Disability Horizons (online magazine).

Brilliant. One of those things that made me dance inside. 

It wasn't that she'd beaten the odds and learnt to walk, speak, dance etc.

It wasn't the she'd competed in the paralympics, won medals, become a radio broadcaster, studied...etc.

I mean, those parts made me glad for her, and proud for her - and seriously want to meet her parents who sound totally awesome. But the bit that made my heart sing was:
"… I learnt from my disease and my body that the only thing any of us have control over is our attitude and how we handle our darkest moments."
That is what makes her awesome. That is a recipe for success. Not success in the 'become a millionnaire and really famous' way, but in a 'become a happy, fulfilled individual' way.

Taking positive responsibility for my actions and reactions is a key part of my Christian faith, but I've struggled to find the right words for it. Now I've found them, courtesy of Karni, I intend to keep and live them forever. And to join her in making 
"...a choice in life to be happy, healthy, grateful, generous and tough."


  1. Why Thank-you for thanking me Hannah Ensor I have now stumbled across your incredible website and outlook on is bloody funny with a disability and I love that people like you are out there telling your funny stories, my friends and I are continuously amazed by what life throws my way in terms of comments, situations, morons and brilliance...thanks for spreading the word lady...we will get there one wonky step at a time!

  2. :D Glad you approve - the funny-ness is just too good to miss :D


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