Friday, 22 June 2012

A Pocket Full of Confidence

I don't know about you, but when I approach potentially challenging situations, the thoughts come:

How do I explain wheelchair etiquette without offending? How can I ask for personal space without sounding petty or demanding? How do I convince someone that this is my normal and I don't need medical assistance and they don't need to worry? How do I say I'm in pain without being thought a moaning whinger? etc.

And above all, how do I do the above without instigating a 'pity response' - get across the message that I might have a disability or two, but life is still fun and interesting?

Initially I created the first 'Cartoon Keyring Communication Cards' for a friend - but I fell in love with them. The first time I used them was on the trainSince then they have been used in the post office, out shopping, at the bank, in taxis, with friends, at events, with family, at work. 

And the responses? Acceptance, laughter, respect, 'Oh Okay' - followed by compliance. It seems that the humour in the message negates the pity factor and takes the sting from potential offence, and the fact that it is written down makes people accept it so much quicker. 

My pocket full of confidence.

The way in which I say something that is socially challenging in an entirely socially acceptable way :D

(If you are interested in communication cards with designs/messages not currently available, please email )