Saturday, 30 June 2012

Happy, positive disability stickers

Fed up of the boring, static disability/accessibility/wheelchair icon I designed an alternative.

Now I have durable vinyl stickers with it on. And I am in love. How many disability symbol stickers do you see - and immediately feel happier and more positive? Personally - none. Until now....

Medium Pink on my kneebraces
Small - all colours on my crutches

Medium Purple on my laptop.

Large Blue on my car.
All now available - exclusive to my shop


  1. What type of braces are those? They look amazing!

    1. They're Innovation Sports 'flex PCL' with added strap - they work for my rotational and lateral instability. And LOTS of physio! (my knees don't hyperextend backwards, just sideways and round. They can help with pain, but usually in the long term it is better to do physiotherapy so you can control the hyperextension, otherwise the muscles weaken because of the brace and the pain gets worse.


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