Friday, 8 June 2012

For a very special Mum!

Mum's 60th birthday was weeks ago.

We gave her a present at the time, and we had a party with family and friends. I'd created a cavalcade of stickman pictures for her - a few snapshots of the happy memories with which she filled our memories.

Then over the following weeks I turned them into a book - about 40 pages long.

Today I received the finished product. Within 2 hours I'd persuaded Mum to drop in to 'pick something up': 

It made her laugh. 
It made her cry.
I think she liked it. 


My Mum is Ace.


  1. How wonderful - I bet she love it Hannah xx

  2. What a truly fabulous gift, not just the book but the love on every page.

    Arwedd xx


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