Friday, 6 April 2012

Hospital Memories #1

Having started on my next book 'You know you've been in hospital too much when...' - humourous cartoons of hospital reality, I was flicking through some of my sketchbooks from hospital stays and got the giggles. Having been asked by @daddydoink on twitter, I will share some of my sketches too specific to me to make it into the book. 

Hospital Memory #1: Legless.

A nurse-friend would pop in during her breaks, we'd chat and laugh. She totally wasn't fazed by my bendy-joint quirks.....

Even when she accidentally popped my hip out of joint.

She made me laugh as I changed position, and voila. There she stood. Trying to hold my leg on. The nurse who had just removed my leg. Both of us part aghast that I'd dislocated, part doubled up with laughter at the irony- and wondering whether 'I was holding a patient's leg on' was a valid excuse for being late from her break. 

We were trying to un-dislocate it, but most of our energy went up in giggles. It cemented our friendship which is still strong today.

I love how what I remember is not the pain, but the comradeship and the laughter. 

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