Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Good Day

Today was a Good Day.
A Very Good Day.

Not because my hypermobility took a holiday, or because my POTS was well behaved. If I limit a good day to one that is pain and fatigue free, I'm destined for a depressing future! So I define a good day based on any achievements I can clock up.

Today was actually an EXCEPTIONALLY Good Day.

And it is only mid-afternoon :D

Here's Why:

I received nearly £100 of orders through my shop.
I posted the orders.
I discovered that the owner of 'No 2 Things' had recommended me as an 'excellent local cartoonist' for a project.
I completed and posted my Blue Badge renewal form.
I renewed my prescription pre-payment certificate.
I got another booking to speak at a primary school.
I completed a set of commissioned charity fundraising T-Shirts.
I got confirmation through for my stall at Oxfordshire Unlimited Disability Fair on 9th May.
I got called a famous author.
I've done some physio (although gotta do more soon)
I stacked the dishwasher
I put a washing machine on
I bought a birthday present


I am now officially HMSA Patron for Children and Teens.

Such a compliment to be asked, and I really hope that I can be both a positive role model for young people with HMS and help spread understanding and awareness of the condition.

Now I need to go write a short biography for my new role. But that means being a little sensible, and all I actually want to do is run around shouting WHOOP.

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  1. Hi Hannah,it's Biff again,it is fantastic that you are Patron for HMSAcharity for children & teens,so I must be an old teen as since knowing about you it has helped me soo much with my hms & my family as I have told them what you have achieved & how strong you are.Congratulations again to you & the HMSAcharity from Biff <3 xxx


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