Saturday, 24 March 2012

Today's book signing.

I came, I signed, I conquered!

Okay, okay. Complete exaggeration. But this morning's signing did go well. (Photos will appear in due course).

Marvellous weather meant it was 'dead quiet' for a Saturday but I still made enough sales to gain managers approval and make it worth my while.

And I learnt some important things:

1. If, having read one book, a 3yr old is dancing on their toes demanding to be read the other, you've done something right.

2. "You know you've been pushing it when..." is popular with  8-14yr old boys. It seems the humour is...of a perfect maturity level. Which explains why my 19yr old cousin liked them so much.

3. Grandparents are amongst the best buyers when it comes to children's books.

4. When a customer is unsure which book to buy, with a suitably cheeky grin you can get away with saying "All of them." Sometimes it works.

5. After spending only a minute chatting, it is amazing how many people realise that, should they admit to being unsure which ones to buy, you will say "All of them".

6. Success is when a boy who saw me in a school assembly drags his mum over to buy him a signed copy of "You know you've been pushing it when...", who then informed me that he's been talking about that assembly for weeks and that meeting me was the purpose of their trip to town. He made my day.

7. Successful signings in several different WHSmiths stores may result in said company realising that my books are marvellous and stocking them routinely.

Yep - you've guessed what I'll be planning over the next year or so!!

At least, I will once I've regained coherent speech, reattached my wrist, de-spasmed my neck and generally slept off the effects of this one.



  1. The Scottish Bloke24 March 2012 at 17:50

    A pleasure meeting you today, and yes, I say that even one of the ones who fell for your wily "All of them" approach!

    Best wishes for the future!

  2. It was lovely chatting to you - and it would have been even if you hadn't bought any at all. I hope you enjoy your purchases - as do those who you give them to :)

    Thank you for your good wishes.

  3. The Scottish Bloke25 March 2012 at 13:58

    "it would have been even if you hadn't bought any at all"

    NOW you tell me! :)

  4. Awesome Hannah! Just from the little I have seen of the books makes me want to see more. Wish I could see them for real. Maybe someday I will purchase them too. : )


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