Thursday, 22 March 2012

Book Signing prep

I guess every author gets last minute nerves about a book signing. 

I'm double nervous. I've got to try and persuade my body to stay in one piece for an entire Saturday morning aswell - or at least remain passably cooperative.

So, under the necessities of 'Pacing' I'm already writing my lists of what to take, and my PA will be here shortly to start packing for my expedition into the great unknown of 'Famous' Authordom:

Business List:
Box of Welly Walks, Box of Biscuit Baking,
Name badge
Shelf strips
'autograph' pen

Medical List:
Spare body parts (wrists x2, neck, fingers)
sports tape
salty snacks
communication cards
medic alert tag
emergency contact details
cool vest

It might be annoying having to plan for bodily inconveniences, but at least it takes my mind off the nerves!

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