Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Responses to 'Dear Government'

Over the weekend I sent my 'Dear Government' cartoon to MPs across the country (thanks to the encouragement of Tanni Grey-Thompson).

Amongst the standard 'if you are not a constituent we cannot deal with your case' emails I've had a number of positive responses, from a simple "Thank you", through ''Spot on!" and "I like your artistry and your means of conveying a message – it was not automatically deleted!" to supportive, well considered emails that give hope for truly responsible actions, such as this one: (copied with the author's permission, in full, but with names removed)


[MP] has asked me to respond to your email on his behalf.  He asked me to thank you for sending it.  He was very impressed by the way your drawings displayed a simple but powerful message.  And I think by visually displaying it, you have left a lasting impression on his thoughts.

Personally (and these are my comments as an individual and a local Councillor rather than from [MP]) I hope that other MPs will look your drawings.  I also hope you will send them to the papers and to Councillors across the country as a reminder of all the decisions we take in Local Government, which while not the aim of your drawings are still relevant.

On top of that it brightened my day to see it, rather than deal with the sometimes long correspondence.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your undoubted drawing skills.



Yes, times are hard and uncertain, but there is hope. 

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  1. what a fab response.. well done for sending the pic :) xx


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