Monday, 24 October 2011

Sign of Approval

On Saturday I launched Biscuit Baking and Welly Walks.

The books I'd worked on for months, fallen in love with, and which make me grin every time I pick them up. But now: the moment of truth. Letting the public judge their worth.

A hall full of children and parents - the atmosphere much like a child's party with face-painting, balloons, kids chasing bubbles on the patio or sitting quietly with colouring sheets and pencils. Children shyly telling me their names to write in the front of their shiny new books.

And not only that, ex-paralympic swimmer, Fran Williamson had also come to show her support and appeared delighted with her signed copies.

But my favorite part was reading them out loud to the children and their parents. The smiles, the pointing, the giggles and occasional 'look Mummy!' made my day.

My books were approved by those who matter most. The children.

Thank you to all who came - I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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