Saturday, 29 October 2011

"Have a seat"

At the Dr's surgery the other day, I entered the sub-waiting room. It is very narrow, with two rows of chairs facing each other. The first chair each side was occupied which would make it awkward for someone to walk up the middle. The chap in one chair glanced up and saw me "here, have a seat" he said, shifting quickly along a few seats...

"...Oh. You already have one". Embarrassed, noticing my wheels.

I grinned. "You've made my day"

He looked confused.

"You saw me, acknowledged me as a person and then you saw my wheels. I like that. I like it when I'm a person first, and my disability is registered later."

And we chatted on about random things until appointment time.

What he saw as a mistake, a failure to take in the whole situation at a glance, made my day.

And it still keeps making me smile.

Because I like being 'just another person'.


  1. I'm not surprised he didn't notice your wheels, it is a bit of a "stealth" chair. You need to get one like Johnny English uses. Mind you I'm just watching Frank Gardners Tintin programme and have to admit his looks pretty cool too. Suspension still appears to be a problem though... cobble stones do not look like fun !

    Hope you are well, keep up the good work.
    Best wishes,

  2. Sounds like such a lovely experience!


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