Sunday, 21 August 2011

Project: Angel Gifts

I don't usually post about commissioned work, but this I can't resist!

"I'd like some angel pictures, for 'Guardian Angel' gifts" - after further discussing the project, somehow I knew exactly how to make the plans turn real.

I draw very much by 'feel'. The emotion or event conveyed must be true, real. Something I can connect to. This project I could connect to - drawings that said in picture form things I'd want to convey to those close to my heart, and also which I'd like to receive when things are getting tough.

So after talks, brainstorms and sketches I created 3 illustrations.

And now they are for sale. Selling alongside her other jewellery at are the small 'Angel' pendants accompanied by my illustrations - on cards approximately business card size. Products, design and ideas all belong to Karen H - all I did was draw the pictures.

The Guardian Angels illustrated with my stickmen can be bought here

The Birth Angels illustrated with my stickmen can be bought here
(The 'Sketch Angel' - pink square for a girl, blue square for a boy)

My only regret is that they didn't exist during my long hospitalisation last Christmas. Far from home and very poorly but determined to stay positive, it would have meant the world to me to get a cheery Angel through the mail -a permanent reminder that people really care. Something I could hold in my hand, or wear around my neck to remind me that I am loved during those times where even opening my eyes was an effort beyond me.

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