Thursday, 19 May 2011

Stairlifts and Signs

Today is a Good Day.

There is something special about receiving a parcel of your very own published work - so special that the postman who rang the doorbell at 07:43 this morning got a massive grin, a thank you (albeit a bed-headed, blurry eyed one) and instant forgiveness.

My 4th book. Childishly, I still find myself funny. I've read it twice already. Inspired by Emma and her faulty stairlift saga (see my earlier blog entry), I suppose it is very 'me'. Taking the absolute reality of something that sucks and opening the eyes to the giggle factors while pointing out the suck-y-ness to those who mightn't otherwise understand.

"Emma's Incarceration: You know you've been stuck upstairs too long when..." is now: Available online!

But not only that, my long awaited 'wheelchair signs' are now available too! Born of the wish that people would use their common sense when talking to me when I'm out and about, I've turned some of my cartoons into signs for wheelchairs.

Disability awareness in motion - you can wheel around safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit to educate the world. And of course, as they stick using velcro you can swap them to suit the occasion. So if you will be meeting that really annoying person who thinks that disability means you have no life and can't achieve - wear the blue one! or someone of the 'does she take sugar?' variety - wear the yellow one.

Or if you are supposed to be being mature and sensible and somber, you can temporarily hide them and pretend you are indeed mature, sensible and somber.


  1. Can someone please tell me what 'mature, sensible and somber' means!

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  3. It is so wonderful to read articles like this. Who knew that stickers can be such great help to those with physical challenges and those in their golden age? Great job!

  4. Nice post, I always glad to know there is people that worry about the one that need it the most.


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