Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Meanderings of my creative mind

For once, I'm not writing with any particular theme in mind! I'm just having a day when, for once, I have lot of mental energy = good thing, get lots done.

Unfortuately my unstable pelvis keeps yelling at me for pulling ligaments or summat which means my 'getting lots done' is...erm...somewhat 'probably not' in terms of packing for a house move.

However, thinking about pain= more pain. I don't like more pain. I avoid more pain whenever I can. It isn't very friendly. So bring on distraction!
I'm getting lots done online and by phone.
Checked emails.
sent an invoice.
Confirmed printing of wheelchair signs (should get them today! - that'll be a new blog entry :D )
Called estate agent.
Plotted some stickmen.

Posting "I am a genius" on twitter probably doesn't count. But hey, it made me chuckle.

Twitter generally does count as constructive though, I get to make other people tell more people that I draw funny pictures. Besides, Fran Williamson just tweeted that she my website is worth a look. My head seems somewhat larger than before for some reason.

Oh oh oh! good side effect of wonky pelvis! My posture is practically perfect! Ok, so it might be the only way to stop being bitten by pelvic bones free-lancing as elbows, but still, everybody aims for perfect posture, and I reckon I'm pretty close to having it :D (dashed hard work tho, and means I can't slouch over stickman doodles)

Perhaps I'm suffering from stickman-drawing-withdrawal symptoms. The nonsense I am currently inflicting on you is part 'feeling creative but stickmen aren't a possibility' and part distraction technique.

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