Saturday, 2 April 2011

Wheelie Cartoons

I don't believe it! I've been blogging for over a month and haven't mentioned my wheelchair cartoons! - a whole book full of them: "You know you've been pushing it when..."

I reckon these are my funniest set of cartoons. Totally true to life - I know cos I've been there, done that, got the bruised bum.

The Inspiration came after my first outing on my newest wheels:

Me (all excited about rigid frame lightweight sportschair) "Hey, lets go on a walk around the housing estate!"

Lil Bro: "Sure."

off I trundle.....

Up the path, around the brambles, go on the road to get past the car blocking the pavement, and then reached an open carpark. Yay! Lets see how much speed I can get up!

  1. 10cms of accelleration...

  2. cobblestones....

  3. backflip.

  4. Sheepish look around to check no-one noticed.

  5. Get back into chair and try to look innocent.

  6. Laugh all the way home, with lil bro trying to do impressions of me falling out.

  7. Wonder how big the bruise on my posterior is.

So my first wheelie-life cartoon was born. A few months later it had multiplied into an entire book. Sarcastic, light hearted, true, and positively genius. (Note: this is my blog so I can be as big-headed as I like. I never said you had to believe me!)

(Note: this is not a direct copy of what is in the book)

And Helene Raynsford likes it. As in: Paralynpic Gold Medalist (2008). I was well chuffed at her feedback "Really funny and a great way of conveying wheelie life." Someone famous and a proper wheelie likes my book :D

Wheelies usually get the giggles and come out with stories about how they've been in exactly the same situation as poor stickman, but I love showing it to able bodied people cos by the end they are usually laughing but kinda thoughtful too, often commenting "I'd never thought of that." I reckon I succeeded in producing something that educates by making people laugh - how cool is that! If only I could think how to apply this to maths lessons I'd be a millionnaire.

(available from Among other places...)


  1. Awesome! I had no idea. I'm going to go look for it now...

  2. says out of print and I can't order it, where can I get a copy?

  3. If you order one from Amazon they should get it from my publisher within a few days. But they take a massive cut so you could order one from my website: (then I make proffit instead of amazon bigwigs) or my publishers site

  4. Perfect! I'll do that, as Amazon isn't even giving me an option to purchase it.


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