Thursday, 7 April 2011

Recycling, stickman-style: Bespoke gift 1

A unique birthday gift for a graphic designer friend who needed a paintbrush holder:

I saw the pot in a charity shop and fell in love. What could possibly make a funkier brush&bits and bobs holder than stickmen galivanting round a bright pink pot?

It started out aiming to be stickmen involved in artistic endeavours, but they misbehaved somewhat and ended up falling in the ink, pouring paint on each others heads and hitching unofficial lifts on pencils. And hanging from the ceiling. This was not my fault. Perhaps it was the last day of term on planet stickman. I would like to point out that in the human world this kind of activity is not socially acceptable.

I rather like the final result. Slightly mad, totally unique, masses of humour. Guaranteed to make her smile. And totally 'green' as it is from a second hand shop :) And I can absolutely guarantee that no-one else in the world has one like it - not least cos I signed the base. Maybe in 10 yrs it will be worth a fotune. (Note: please don't burst my pretty bubble, wreck my happy dream and make reality return.) Fingers crossed she likes it!

I may now have to keep my eyes on the contents of local charity shops for more things I can graffiti! - just have to work out whether there is a market for plant pots, desk tidys, cookie jars etc with stickmen on them.

What do you think?


  1. I think there would be a market for that, it's really fun and sassy!


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