Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Coming Soon! 'Emma's Incarceration' By Hannah Ensor

Woohoo! My next book is nearly here!

Following my decision to publish 'Emma's Incarceration' D-day approaches rapidly

Imprisonment-by-stairlift-that's-busted is a plight that few understand. So this will be the perfect educational tool. A 48 pg A5 book with 15 cartoons and plenty of humour I have never seen a book like this one. And as an awareness-raiser I'd say its perfect. My stickmen always seem to get the message across - though I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps more people talk stickmen than sense these days.

My Dil-Emma? How many to print in my initial print-run. Estimated RRP around £10 each (as I predictit will be a very small print run) but who knows. Perhaps it will be like a cripple version Harry Potter and I'll sell millions (in which case it would be cheaper). As with all my books, £1 will be donated to the HMSA (Emma also has HMS, so it is very relevant)

Back to the real world:

How many people would definitely like one, how many people might like one? replies through comments, twitter, FB or email. I won't hold you to your responses cos that would be to much like hard work, but I don't want to print 10 to find that there is demand for 100s :D

Sample pages below:

Reply ASAP cos I hope to send it to the publisher on Friday!


  1. I will buy it!! i love it!!!

  2. I really enjoyed the "You Know You've Been Pushing It" book that I just got, so I think I'd be open to buying more of your work!


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