Friday, 4 March 2011

International Wheelchair Club

I designed the logo!!!

Building on my adapted logo below, I thought: "Why can't we have a symbol that encompases joy and life?" - the accepted wheelchair symbol has no character or life. No sense of the freedom and joy that a set of wheels can bring when you need them. The wheels aren't a disabling factor - they are my keys to the world. My disability is, strangely enough, disabling! - but my wheels are the best thing in the EVER!

I suppose in a way, the logo is also a self portrait. "Woohoooooo" - yelled while going down hill is practically a trademark gesture for me :D - childish? possibly. But then so is laughter and I don't appologise for that.

When people see my symbol I want them to smile rather than pity. I want it to spread happiness and acceptance of our differences.

And I animated the logo - because it is fun.


  1. Have you read the poem "My New Set of Wheels" by Darlene Uggen?? It's great and this entry made me think of it. Em x

  2. Hi, I work in the civic musem of my town Ivrea (north Italy). I'm writing the educational activities catalog of the museum and I'm looking for a cheerful logo to indicate that our museum has not architectural barriers. Your logo is beautiful! IS it free? Can I use it indicating your name?

  3. Wow I love your Logo! I'm playing around with some logo ideas for my possible business / charity and it was just the inspriation I needed! Thank you!


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