Monday, 21 March 2011

Funnest Project EVER

I've been a little quiet on here lately- the main reason for that is that I have been working on a very very special project, and I am only now allowed to tell the world what it was :D

My brother Jake married my friend Rachel on Saturday. The wedding was great and they are perfectly matched. Both have a great sense of humour, see the absurdities in life, and love each other quite a lot. - unsurprisingly seeing as they are newly-weds.
Anyway, it is a family tradition to have a photo cavalcade/presentation showing the couple as they grow up. Unfortunately Rachel has my sense of humour and asked if I could do stickmen illustrations of their lives so far instead - but not to tell anyone beforehand.

It has been the funnest project EVER. I spent several days 'story collecting' - talking to them about childhood memories, teenage events, and the stories surrounding how Jake won Rachels heart etc. Over the next few weeks these were turned into nearly 50 stickmen pictures. Some with no comment, some with sarky one-liners. You could say it was a collection of private jokes.
It was shown at the reception and all who knew the stories laughed in recognition, and those who didn't soon got to know the couple a lot better! (Yes, Rachel did once take a mouse to school in a sock!)

And the final picture showed the couple so accurately - Rachel mucking about in her bright pink shoes (as worn in reality) and Jake pretending to be serious while trying to hide his laughter :D It happened to coincide with a 'Tarzan yell' from the accopmanying music. Highly mature. And soooooo Rachel.

I am now working on making it into a bespoke, specially bound, high quality book. A book that will always bring back happy memories and joy. It has been hard work - especially for hands that don't like holding a pen! - but worth it. I can't afford to give them a spectacularly expensive wedding present, but if I can get the book done like it is in my head it will be my single greatest achievement in the stickman world.


  1. I see a great marketing opportunity there, Hannah. Commissions like this to symbolise other people's lives.

    True, you've been involved in Jake's life, but I'm sure some people could describe to you events that have happened to them and you would be able to represent those situations with your brilliant cartoons.

  2. best book ever!


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