Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wheels are the best thing invented. I spent hours shopping yesterday - and I now have a fabulous dress for little brothers wedding, all long and floaty, which looks great on my wheels and doesn't give me a wierd belly-bulge like some do. I so love feeling really feminine.
Had a few giggles at things like my able-bodied lil sister trying to get the attention of the shop assistant and totally failing, then wheelchair me says 'excuse me' and the woman practically jumps to attention! I thought was hilarious, much to lil sisters discust!

Plus I have some killer heels - totally gorgeous and it is of no consequence that I can't stand in them - cos I won't need to :D

So this will be me in approx 3 weeks time:
Positive attention welcome.


  1. Even though I spend more time on wheels than you do I still can't wear killer heels *jealous* Show us pics of the outfit, please!

  2. My sympathy Emma - won't stop me enjoying them though! although this is my first pair of 'killer heels' so fingers crossed they work! - I'll put a photo up after the wedding - so you'll have to wait!


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